hiya soz for not being on in Yonks but i’v been bizzy well i have a penpan who is nice and i can’t wait to he ar bk from her.Well i am goin camping @ da weekend which will be fun we are goin up barrwood and i have lots to pack before i go.


Sophie is lovely and a good friend she is doing ma hair this moment.She is gr8 @ drawing her fave carecter is micky mouse.Her fave coulers black, pink, red, blue, white, yellow, orange & grey.She is mad like meeh but she is da shizz bizz.I think she is cool and i want t say thanx for her being a gr8 friend. 

thanx to all

i would like to say thanks to all the people that comented me and i hope to get more posts on and lots more comments from everyone please feel free to tell me everything as i don’t minde if you don’t like what im writing and i will trie to do something else so i have an idea i will do a task every week i’ll tell you more about the task soon but before i forget i want to tell you about what i did today well nothing too exiting i went up a wood to play with the beaver scouts we had to make up an orenterring course with pics of animals then take them around in little groups to find then it was meeh russell chelsea catlin and lewis.We went to the ice bolder and the rassi.Also we played round the fire most of the night it wiz da bomb…

A Task a Week:basicly i will do a task every week on something that i dont know about or things that i do know about every week i will do a new one if you want to give meeh one then leave a post telling meeh what one to do and i will trie ma hrdist to do it good.I will write a post telling you what facts i found out but if you have a better idea then pleze tell meeh and i will have a go @ it.Any type of post that you want please feel free to share with meeh as i would love to here.

Comments:I would like to say sorry for not commenting so i will trie hard if you want meeh to look @ your blog then please say.

Coming up:Coming up i would like to trie to upload some of the photos that i have taken.But i need to get primition and i cant put on single photo’s sadfuly as the school say’s boo hoo.I also will give ma new task idea a trie.Finally i will trie to leave and write posts and comments more often. 

Miss Law

I would like t say soz to miss Law for being noisy today.I think that all ma class are  sorry to but i relly do mean it 😥 .I hope that u see this post as u’r a gr8 theacher and we want u t stay.I hope that u pass on wed.I am relly soz for being noisy and laufing.I am sure that everyone is soz to.

If u are soz for what u did to Miss Law and see this post then please leave a comment to say… 😆

Thank you !!!

The wee malcies

hi i am in a play called the wee malcies we are doing it tonight @ school i am not that good as i just go it today.It is Meeh Bethany Darcie Russell Dean and Kirean.s it will b gr8 fun but i am scared incase i mess it up or do it wrong everyone else has had longer t practise and is better.I am shacking woridly and i know it Now but still have t practise 😆 .I hope that i’m good and don’t screw up…

Bye bye for now 🙁

Photo a day blog

Hiya ma class are goin t start a photo a day blog soon and i am on da commity.We will be taking a photo each day.I can’t wait i will trie t keep more updated on ma blog oh this will help me get ma photogrefer’s badge YIPEE…

Also i am in da highest maths group now it is gr8 but harder just now we are doin coumpuss work!!! it is hard and uses letters not numbers.I have missed half da work and am a bit confussed .

Oh i haven’t meanchined that we have a new teacher  called miss Law she is nice but we get more homework but not alot more but one thing that i miss t do wi homework is reading i’m not that gr8 @ it but i liked it but now we are reading Goodnight Mister Tom.It is a alright book but not ma cup O’ Tea it is about a boy that got evacuated called Willy and Tom has t look after him Tom is relly nice but Willy’s mum used t beat him Ohhhh!!!It is sad but i liked it better when we got it every week in group’s and got t pick da book and what t read.I learner more but we are starting a book club so i will bring in a book but i am a bit woried encase nowone like’s da books dat i read as they are very short but i’m not very gd i love t read before i go t bed @ night??? ???

I know that u are probaly board about hearing about me all da time so please leave a coment saying what u like and i will trie t find out about it and write on ma blog about is. 😆 🙄